How can I boost my bakery’s output?

Feeling the pressure to increase production speeds and raise margins while delivering in-demand artisanal styles? Try our all-in-one bakery machine, the AMF Unimac depositor.

As today’s consumers increasingly demand the speed and convenience of mass-production, bakeries everywhere are facing the pressure to expand and speed up their production – in order to keep up with their retailer and restaurant competitors. What’s more, bakeries are also finding that relying on hand labor alone can lead to inconsistency and more incidents of illness or injury. These challenges are only made greater by the shortage of skilled bakers – and the cost of employing them.

Automation is the future

So, it’s no surprise that many bakeries are moving away from hand-made techniques toward automatic machines – from macaron and biscuit machines to cookie-dough rolling machines. These automatic bakery machines and equipment can provide a solution to these challenges, delivering higher throughput at consistently high quality and allowing smaller bakeries to quickly scale up production. By precisely applying dough and batter, they offer clean and attractive production.

But, at the same time, growing consumer demand for artisanal-style, freshly-baked products means bakeries can’t risk losing the handmade look and feel that is so highly sought-after – presenting a challenge to smaller and traditional bakeries. And, of course, in a tough market with high bakery machine costs, costs have to be considered too. So, can automatic bakery and dosing machines boost productivity while retaining artisanal product quality and keeping machine costs low?

An all-in-one productivity solution

At AMF Bakery Systems, we offer our own solution: the Unimac depositor. This AMF bakery dosing machine is highly versatile, bringing greater productivity and throughput, higher accuracy, and bigger margins to bakeries around the world. What’s more, the Unimac is the first universal electronic depositor or dosing machine, to accurately deposit dough and batter for cookies, cakes, muffins, meringues, éclairs, pralines, and much more.

The Unimac automatic bakery machine is specially designed for traditional bakeries, including those with a central production location, and small-to-medium-large industrial bakeries. For small or artisanal or traditional bakeries looking to expand or improve production efficiency, it’s the number one solution. Indeed, the Unimac depositor’s capacity for high output at consistently high quality can turn your bakery production upside down – as it produces up to 30 rows of product per minute, depending on style.

But what’s the cost?

With high depositing bakery machine prices, it’s not surprising that bakeries are cautious of their operating costs and margins. But automated bakery systems don’t have to increase costs – in fact, they can lower them. For example, the move to automatic bakery machines means that fewer qualified personnel are needed to operate the system – reducing labor costs.

And this is just one of the reasons that bakeries using these machines and equipment can save costs. By precisely depositing batters and doughs, automated machines decrease the amount of product needed and waste produced, compared with more traditional handmade methods. For products containing dairy, this can even reduce emissions from the dairy industry. Thanks to these savings – and to greater efficiency and productivity driving increased revenue – automated bakery equipment like the Unimac can deliver higher margins than non-automatic bakery machines, offsetting any additional machine costs.

Consistent quality and accuracy

But will these automatic bakery machines produce products of the same consistent artisanal quality? The answer is yes! The Unimac’s high capacity doesn’t mean lower quality. Quite the opposite, in fact, since it delivers more productive and more accurate work than humans can. So, it’s the perfect way to move from traditional handwork to an automatic bakery system, while retaining artisanal quality.

Depositing brownies, macarons, and muffins – easily

What’s more, the Unimac is highly versatile. Thanks to its modular design and ability to easily switch between different heads and nozzles, it can integrate with existing production lines and can deposit dough or batter in a huge variety of different forms. In other words, it can better deposit large amounts of cake, cookies, biscuits, batter, dough, buns, macarons, eclairs, muffin batter, cupcakes, and beyond. So, whether it’s depositing brownies or dosing and depositing muffins, the Unimac is the easy way to do it.

This means that, whatever kinds of product your bakery produces, the Unimac can provide a solution for you. What’s more, its design means you can start with the basic model and easily add extra features whenever you like – enabling future growth and helping you take advantage of opportunities ahead. With these extensive additional features and programming options, the possibilities are endless! What’s more, the wide range of products compatible with the Unimac also opens opportunities for bakers to expand their offering and widen their customer range, such as by delivering to supermarkets foodservice restaurants, or retailers.

AMF: Best-in-class bakery equipment

Want to experience these benefits for yourself? Want to boost productivity and embrace a better baking equipment future?

At AMF Bakery Systems, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality professional bakery equipment, at competitive prices. So, if you’re wondering where to buy your automated bakery machines, we’re sure to have a solution for you. To get a quote for the Unimac depositor or our other bakery machine equipment, get in touch here.

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Ideal for huge variety of baked products:

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