Why artisanal bakers need to scale up, but do not have tools to do so

Many local and artisanal bakers have to work hard to keep their head above the water. More competition, supermarkets arising around them and online shopping taking a portion of their business.  Scaling up is a way to maintain a strong position in the local market, and becoming supplier of for instance the supermarket with Artisanal Breads, Pastry and Muffins or Cakes, can be a opportunity.

But capacity is limited, qualified staff is hard to find and no new generation is waiting to take over.

Capacity at a traditional bakery is limited because of space, personal, and market territory they covered for a longer period. Long days, hard work, many hours of preparing dough, batters, production for all kinds of products.

Even seasonal peaks, extra demand during weekends, are sometimes a challenge were extra hands or capacity would be a fix for the traditional and new bakers. 

A trend seen is that many bakers expand their portfolio or start selling their crafted products in other shops as well, like local restaurants, bars, cafes, supermarkets and hotels. 

Another trend is a centralized bakery, were all products are prepared, made-up and baked, and then transported and sold in various shops / bakery stores in the region, belonging to the same owner. So 1 bakery and for instance 5 to 10 shops, to extend the capacity and regional presence, and becoming a ‘formula’ in the local market.

The key word in this matter is capacity and manually this is hard to extend.  Bakery Automation is possible in many ways, but in the preparation and make-up phase there are versatile solutions available.

Baking a great variation of products per day, means a lot of changes in ingredients, decorations, toppings, batters and doughs. Making them the same quality and exact amount over and over again, is something a machine can do perfectly, better than a human can. Depositing, dosing and decorating products are a specialty of the AMF Tromp Unimac, a versatile depositing machine, for smaller to medium size bakeries, who wish to improve and scale-up their production and have a helping hand, that never gets tired!

Automated depositing of perfectly shaped and dosed cupcakes, (larger) tin/loaf cakes, muffins, merengues, choux pastry, choux buns, eclairs, macarons, cookies in many shapes, sizes and forms, and also many bases for pastry that can be decorated after that. With highest productivity, delivering many rows of products on a baking tray, ready to be baked in the oven.

Change overs from one product to another, normally takes a lot of time, but once this machine is running, there is time to prepare the next dough or batter, and gives bakers less manual work so their energy can be saved or used elsewhere.  Doing a large production run of many of the same products for a special order, or just one of the best-sellers? No problem, if a baker wants to bake 5000 muffins per hour, the AMF Tromp Unimac, is the machine to do it for him. It only needs a batch of dough to start, choose the program and when ready put the trays in the oven or in a rack.

Do you wish to know what a bakery machine like the AMF Tromp Unimac can do for you?  Contact AMF Sales or configure your Unimac HERE

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