Fat- and Butter pump for laminating lines

This fat- and butter pump is the most versatile, flexible and best inline solution in the market. Direct above the laminating line and dough sheet for optimal pastry dough.

AMF Tromp Fat and Butter pump

When producing pastry, croissants and other sweet bakery products, laminated dough is used. Layering of dough, starts with the application of Fat, butter or margarine onto the dough sheet, and then folded in between.  A fat pump makes sure the exact amount, thickness and smooth layer of butter or margarine is applicated onto the dough sheet.

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Simple solutions is what bakers need, and this plug and play unit can be put inline in all sheeting lines in bakeries making pastry, croissants or other products made of laminated dough. This unit deposits a layer of butter or margarine, but also low-trans fat, vegan butter and plant based fat on a dough sheet. Not using a mono pump, no pipes, avoiding malfunctions and a lot of cleaning. The layer is direct above the sheet, little product is lost when cleaning, it is a mobile unit, the fat remains cold and flexible and is easy to integrate in any sheeting line in the market.

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