The Powershot depositor is designed to improve the dosage and deposit of tomato sauce or oil on to a pizza or flatbread base on a pizza production line. Producers and bakers who seek better results and better looking products, achieve a even and nicely spread pattern of sauce. The tomato sauce will be dispensed and deposited very accurate, at high speed and high capacity. For any shape or size of pizza passing by we can create a depositing head.

AMF Tromp Powershot - dispense unit

Producing pizza , focaccia and flatbread base, at high speed, requires accurate and reliable dosing of sauces and oils. If you aim for exact depositing at the right moment,  targeted exactly in the area required and with no waste or mess on the production belt, this is the solution. It’s a running line solution, so no delays or stops are needed, productivity and speed can be very high this way. No product means no deposit with the AMF Powershot. Even mini pizza’s , medium, large, square, round, rectangle shapes are no problem for this dosing unit, speed is adjustable to your complete baking process.

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A volumetric dosing unit, for depositing the right amount of tomato sauce and (olive) oil on top of a pizza base, or flatbread dough passing by. Adding this ingredient to a pizza production line, at high speed and extreme accuracy, is tailored engineering. Wet topping depositing or sauce applicator is what you could call this unit, which can deposit various types of sauces and viscosity. Producing Italian style pizza, American style pizza, thin crust, thick crust, pressed or pan pizza, mini pizza or baguettes, we at AMF make sure your deposit is constant, accurate and productive for your pizza production line.

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Select execution of the system (Which determines dosage based on maximum size pizza)

Single (up to 12 inch), Double (up to 18inch)

Select working width (Amount products across maximum)

600 (max. 4), 800 (max. 5), 1000 (max. 6), 1200 (max. 8)

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