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Target applicator for exact topping with minimal waste and thus savings!

The AMF Tromp target applicator is a precision machine, which accurately strews a topping on a variety of food products. If your application needs to be exact, in amount and at a targeted location on a bun or pizza, this machine does it and saves on ingredient cost and improves margin.

AMF Tromp Target Applicator

If you wish to be more cost efficient, save ingredients and thus save money, precision applicating of ingredients on your products inline can make a huge contribution to that. Producers of pizza, flatbread, cakes, cupcakes and muffins, experience a large loss of ingredients they deposit as topping on their products. These production lines run at high speeds and waste of ingredients in immense on a yearly basis. To solve this and save on ingredients, manual labour, and improve your efficiency and margins with large percentages and high amounts of money, investing in a Target Applicator by AMF tromp is an investment with return in one year already in some cases. We will evaluate your process and production line, advise on the best solutions, and calculate your ROI (return-on-investment) for this Target Applicator. Many of our customers have saved a lot of ingredient use per day, and these kilo’s save money, people needed to clean and re-fill, and thus investments can be made elsewhere. Do you wish to have these savings, we can integrate a Target Applicator in your production facility within a short period of time, train your staff and service your machines? A large variety of product sizes and working widths can be handled, contact us for more information.

Where to use a Target Applicator:

The AMF Tromp target applicator is a standard, but specialized machine, that delivers you accurate depositing of toppings on your products. In an automated food production line, in a bakery or elsewhere, toppings can be placed exactly at point and with pre-defined amounts, without loss and misplacing of these ingredients. Topping a pizza with cheese, to the edge of the pizza, but not further, is what this machine can do. Main value is saving costs, by exact and precise strewing of the ingredients. Are you producing cupcakes and muffins, and top them of with chocolates of sprinkles? Any kind of sweet, savory ingredient, we can engineer for you if needed, but most of them are already standard.

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The AMF Tromp target applicator is an industry standard machine, that accurately and with precision deposits a topping on a variety of products like pizza, cake, muffins and more.
For cheese, ham, bacon, meat, vegetables, olives, seeds, flakes, chocolates, sprinkles, nuts, sugar chunks, caramels, decorative harts and shapes, and may more…
The Standard Target Applicator is delivered including:

• Base Belt & Feeding conveyor
• Alignment stopper
• One hopper size
• Standard speed 25 strokes a minute (based on 10″ sizes)

Available working widths of 600, 800, 1000 or 1200 mm. Left or Right sided version available.
A speed upgrade of specialty upgrade is possible and can be engineered for your production situation and wishes, please contact us for more information or a free advice.

Additional information

Select the working width of your production line to fit the target applicator

600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm

Depending on the working width choose the standard speed or upgrade to higher speed

Standard speed of 25 strokes a minute, Upgraded speed of 30 strokes a minute

Depending on your production line, choose a Left or Right version of the machine

Left sided, Right sided

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