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Waterfall applicator for topping off your products with recycling system – at high speed!

The AMF Tromp waterfall applicator is a multifunctional, in-line solution for bakeries and food producers. Easy to maintain, solid and smart engineered and easy to clean.  With the integrated recycle system, there is no hardly waste and highest productivity, best results and best margins can be achieved.

AMF Tromp Waterfall Applicator

At AMF Bakery Systems we develop, engineer, produce and service machines for professional bakers around the world. Bakers who seek solutions for supporting their production needs, developments and targets.  Reliable machines, accurate and flexible, both in production time and downtime for cleaning, this is what AMF delivers. Waterfall strewing technology is not new, but we made it our specialty in the baking industry and food production business. Challenge us with your questions and we make it happen!

Applications for Depositing:

Need precision strewing of topping, and your waste levels are too high now? Save product, recycle, increase productivity and ROI in short term! This waterfall applicator is the perfect solution for putting a topping on a large variety of food products. The most used application is topping cheese of many sorts on pizza’s on high speed production lines, were speed is a crucial part of the process. Waterfall strewing of cheese is precision work, based on the working width of the line, but also vegetables like peppers and chunks of meat, ham, or olives can we strew on bread or pizza bases. Various seeds, pits and flakes can be strewed on bread or dough passing underneath this waterfall applicator, making a constant coverage in topping your product. Also, decorative toppings on cakes, cupcakes and muffins can be done in-line with this machine, topping chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, sugar, chunks, and many other small particles with sweet taste and creative look.

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The AMF Tromp waterfall applicator is a standard and solid strewing device to accurately strew on top of your baking products, in a (high) speed production line or process. It can also be used stand alone, manually feeding products like Pizza base, top it with Cheese and manually pack or move to another workstation.

For cheese, meat, vegetables, olives, seeds, flakes, chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, sugar chunks, caramels, decorative harts and shapes.

Working width 600, 800, 1000 or 1200 mm.

Recycle or re-circulation system length of 2,80 or 3,50 meter.

Left or Right sided version available.

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Select the working width of your production line to fit the Waterfall applicator

600mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm

Select the working length of the return system:

2.8 meters, 3.5 meters, Other = contact us!

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