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Universal electronic depositor for various doughs and batters

Bakeries everywhere are finding that relying on hand labor is resulting in inconsistent products, lower margins, and higher rates of illness and injury. Automated single-machine solutions with multiple options – like the Unimac depositor – can provide an answer to these challenges. Delivering higher throughput at consistently high quality, and requiring less expensive labor.

AMF Tromp Unimac

At AMF Bakery Systems, we’re committed to supporting bakeries around the world with the highest quality equipment to optimize operations, improve product quality and grow your bakery. Our solutions move your baked goods efficiently and reliably through the entire baking process – helping you create products of the highest quality. Do you face challenges in your bakery, to scale up production, automate processes which are done by hand, need qualified staff but you can not find them, employees get sick and you have productivity issues?  Depositing large volumes of dough and batters, are jobs that are done many times at a daily routine in the traditional bakeries, and cost a lot of time and attention. Do you wish to have:
  • More productivity and more work done per day?
  • Accurate depositing, row after row?
  • Great variation in shapes and products you can make on a machine?
  • Best quality products, with traditional touch by your bakers?
The AMF Tromp Unimac depositor could be the answer to your goals as a baker!


The Tromp Unimac depositor is the first universal electronic depositor to accurately deposit dough and batter for a wide range of cookies, meringues, éclairs, pralines, and more.

For spongecake, choux pastry, eclairs, muffin batters, and more choose: Semi liquid dough type (2-roll depositing head)

For viennese mix, merengue, almond paste, cookie dough, and more choose: Stiff dough type (3-roll depositing head)

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Our price is excluded VAT and Ex-Works AMF Tromp Gorinchem.

Additional information

Based machine

Unimac standard

Dough type

Semi liquid dough (spongecake, choux pastry, eclairs, muffins, etc), Stiff dough (viennese mix, merengue, almond, cookie dough), Full version machine (Semi liquid dough + Stiff dough)

Depositing type

Basic, Rotation (only with Stiff dough type), Wire-cut (only with Stiff dough), Shut-off (only with Semi liquid dough), Full version (Basic, Rotation, Wire-cut and Shut-off)

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